Feelin' the Love

“Manager coaching with Ashley has been so cathartic & illuminating. Getting a perspective from someone who has a strong sense of our business, our people, and learning & development has really enabled me to handle tough conversations and tricky situations. I have also been excited to suggest a session with Ashley to my peers and employees who are needing advice or coaching!”

People Manager with 3 years of experience


“Ashley was an immense help in giving me the confidence to pursue my career goals. She helped me see what steps I had already accomplished and how to tackle the roadblocks ahead, so I was able to accomplish not only my personal goals but achieve where I wanted to be in my job. Ashley was of invaluable to help to chart my course and to provide me with tools that have helped me on a daily basis to stay on track with my long-term goals. Thank you, Ashley!”

Diane Schuman, Comp Pro

“I can’t say enough about how invaluable Ashley is as a mentor and coach. Ashley has coached me through some difficult situations; not only as a manager, but as an employee, navigating through day-to-day ups and downs. She has taught me how to compartmentalize the important to the not-so-important issues and really focus on what I want to accomplish within my surroundings. I’ve gained some amazing tools from her that will live on in my everyday life and I’m excited to see that other people will benefit from her coaching.”

– Joy Moxley, Manager, Creative Services