99% of companies and individuals are satisfied with the coaching experience. 96% would do it again!

Lifelong Returns on Investment

  • Up to 600% increase in ROI
  • 67% Improvement in Teamwork
  • 40% Improvement in Quality

Quality of Life Upgrades

  • 77% Improvement in Relationships
  • 60% Improvement in Job Satisfaction

Standard Rates


Courageous Career Program

Duration: 55 min

In just six week’s we get you ready for a career transition – whether you are interviewing for a new role, applying for a promotion, or re-entering the workforce we get you ready! First, we’ll discover your ‘why’ and motivation style. Next we’ll chart your course to a “courageous career” and navigate the challenges together. From interview prep, resumes, and compensation research, you will leave feeling ready to take the next step!

Evolution Package | 12 Session Bundle

Duration: 55 min

You are ready for change.

You know you need a coach to help you get there (duh, that’s why you are here).

You are ready to go ALL in. Think get a tattoo sober and on purpose all in.

Sound good? Perf.

You get:

  • Twelve one to one coaching sessions
  • Three journal reviews and responses per month
  • Fancy welcome basket sent to your house
  • Accountability emails/texts between sessions
  • Recordings of each sessions if that’s your thing (Zoom only)

Revitalize Package | 6 session bundle

Duration: 55 min

This bundle is ideal for someone who is ready to revitalize their life. You are ready to commit to showing up, working the actions plan, and nailing the big boss fight (totes a gamer girl). This package is deals if you don’t fit exactly into on one of my programs but you are ready to take your life from ‘fine’ to ‘finally awesome’. You get:

  • Size one to one coaching sessions
  • Accountability emails/texts between sessions
  • Recordings of each session of that’s your thing (Zoom only)

Refresh Package | 3 session bundle

Duration: 55 min

The most popular offering loves most by program alumni and coaching newbies. The Refresh Package is a series of 3 sessions to, well, refresh your goals. You get:

  • Three one to one coaching sessions (55 mins each)
  • Accountability emails/texts between sessions
  • Recording of each sessions if that’s you thing (Zoom only)

Fun-size Coaching Sessions | 30 min session

Duration: 30 min

You are busy and want to get a bit of support without all of the commitment. You know exactly the area you want to target and are short on time. Fun-size it up!

Ad-Hoc Coaching Session - Project Blue Alumni

Duration: 55 min