Welcome to Blue Shoes Leadership!

I’m so glad you are here! I founded Blue Shoes Leadership because I believe my life’s work will be helping others step into their  greatness and as we say in the theatre, ‘find your light’.

I have a background in Theatre, having trained in a conservatory setting at Cornish College of the Arts gives me unique skill set ideal for coaching. I am also an HR and Talent professional with over 10 years of corporate experience. When both of those backgrounds are mixed, it results in a powerful combination of easily accessing my intuition and business acumen.

Working together we’ll hone your values and passions, identify the next step on your path to greatness, and create a plan to get you there. If you aren’t someone who knows exactly what you want – that’s okay! I believe that makes coaching even more impactful. Taking a holistic approach, we might not know the exact destination but we can point the ship in the right direction and go from there.

On a personal level I love traveling, playing video games or board games, anything cat related, and going to concerts. I live in West Seattle with my college sweetheart husband and our 3 cats.

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Ashley’s Bio

Ashley Adair is the Founder and Chief People Coach of Blue Shoes Leadership. She has over ten years of professional experience building and leading top talent in Seattle’s tech industry. People who work with her describe her as a ‘builder’ and a ‘pioneer’. She will often ask ‘why not’ instead of ‘why’. Her work is grounded in humanism, mindfulness, and humor! She firmly holds the belief that thriving humans lead to thriving business outcomes.

She is a proud life-long learner who is always taking a class about something, that’s why she holds multiple certifications and has a specialty in Human Resources & Talent Development.

Ashley earned her coaching certificate from the Association of Talent Development in 2017 and  is a member of the International Coaching Federation. She is currently pursuing her Associate Certified Coach credential (ACC) and is expected to earn it by October 2018. She will begin an MBA program at the University of Washington this Fall. She earned her Bachelor’s from Cornish College of the Arts majoring in Theatre.

Your dreams are simply goals we haven’t set yet. Let’s get to work!”

Why the name Blue Shoes?

The name Blue Shoes comes from a pair of real blue shoes I fell in love with in the 5th grade. My mother hated them but loved me and that’s how I ended up with my special shoes. They were my power shoes and made me feel unstoppable! Those shoes led me to start my first business in the 5th grade – a fashion magazine called Fashion Fashion: For the finest ladies of the fifth grade. My blue shoes became a metaphor I’d call on when things got hard or I was scared to dive all in. From moments like leaving a small town for the big city to surviving and learning to thrive after a life-threatening accident – no matter the circumstance my blue shoes were always there to guide me, motivate me, and push me to reach higher. I can’t wait to work with you and help you find your pair of Blue Shoes.