Your dreams are simply action plans we haven’t set yet. Let’s get to work!


Coaching is individualized and personal growth work.


Training doesn’t have to be stuffy, it can and should be experiential, social, casual and fun!


Leaders aren’t defined by titles but by behavior and mindsets.

Hi! I’m Ashley.

I founded Blue Shoes Leadership because I believe my life’s work will be helping others step into their greatness and as we say in the theatre, ‘find your light’.

My work is grounded in humanism, mindfulness, and humor! I firmly believe that thriving humans lead to thriving business outcomes.


Past clients have come to Blue Shoes for:

Leveling Up

Either on a personal or professional level you are ready to take it to the next level and needs some support along the way.

Finding Your Career Path

You aren’t sure where to go but you know you don’t want to be here anymore. Together we identify your values, deal breaker and deal makers to pave a path that’s perfect for you.

Tough Conversations

Prepping to give feedback that makes you sweat or have you received feedback that is keeping you up at night? Feedback is a gift and I’ve help clients figure out where to put those gifts - into action and into the recycle bin.

Relationship Changes

Life is better because of those we share it with. I’ve helped clients grow, find, and define relationship of all kinds.

From "Fine" to "Thrive"

You can’t pinpoint it but you know you ‘fine’ isn’t they way you want to feel anymore. Let’s work together to get you to respond with ‘thrive!’ the next time someone asks.

Healthy Living

It's time to put your health first, but you aren't sure how to turn your hopes into daily actions. We make a plan that fits within your lifestyle that you can actually stick to!

Ready to get started?